Etsy store changes

There will be some changes in the Etsy store as of January 2020. Etsy compromises our profit and we lose about 20% of our earnings to them in fees. We will be increasing prices in the Etsy store to make up for the loss. The prices in our home shop will remain the same. Support our store by buying from our home shop if you like vet tech stuff. About 10 to 15% of our profits do go to charities including HSUS, ASPCA, WWF, and a local cat Rescue.

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New products!!!!

Paw scissors now available in tiny blade and rainbow now available with two finger ring handle!!!!


All members use code VDAY15 for 15% off items in our Valentine collection. Check out the Valentine collection from the home page of our website. 💖💘💝💖💘💝 Sale is from Feb 1st through Feb 5th.