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Winner has been selected!!

It seems that we all share a lot of the same difficulties when it comes to being the best technician we can be, so don't feel alone! Or not good enough ever!!!!!!!

Just a few of the things we all struggle with are blood smears, bandages, cystos, blood draws, x-rays and putting together e-collars lol. And my favorite, the harness struggle!

Also I apologize for the whole pic upload problem. Thank you everyone who reached out. We did figure out it had to be done in the app😊. I did count all entries of photos sent via email, Instagram and in our blog. So thanks for not quitting and sticking with it !!!

I really enjoyed everyone's participation and answers, and all the cute furbabies/ reptiles/ birds / horses / exotics!! Thank you for everything. !!

All participants who completed all seven steps will receive a badge in the app

Winner will be announced in a separate post.!!!

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